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  • SIA’s Largest Staffing Firms

    SIA’s 2016 report on the Largest Global Staffing Firms shows the impact of M&A and economic changes with numerous changes from the previous year.

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  • The Business World Keeps Getting Smaller

    Despite the negative global news we read every day, undertaking business internationally just keeps getting easier as barriers and obstacles are reduced or removed.

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  • Lion and Hyena

    The Lions and Hyenas of Recruitment

    People are animals. But it’s not only individual humans who can act like noble beasts: in the current business market, recruitment companies remind me of lions and hyenas.

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Who We Are


We are pleased to be partnered with HHMC in Asia Pacific and excited to leverage the organizations depth of knowledge and expertise on the staffing and recruitment market in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia Pacific. The staff at HHMC are true professionals and continue to over deliver in their support of our goals to grow our research and expertise in the region.