• Sustainability Including Longevity

    Sustainability Including Longevity

    We see the word sustainable used a lot but what does it mean? When HHMC assesses a small to medium recruitment business it can be simply described as looking for the risk of single points of failure now or in the near future.

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  • The Owner Dominant Organisation

    The Owner Dominant Organisation

    In conversations with business owners in the recruitment industry we often use the term “Owner Dominant” to characterise a business and its position in the market.

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  • Net Working Capital

    Net Working Capital

    When discussing Business Value there is a fascination with the “profit multiple” calculation. The value of working capital demands equal attention, discussion and clarity.

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Business Valuations Video Series


There are a number of brokers / advisors active in the Australian staffing Industry and in the fifteen years that I have been a business owner, I have been in contact with most of them one way or the other.
HHMC’s knowledge, understanding and professionalism puts them not just ahead of other consultancies but is probably the only organisation in Australia who I would regard as capable of adding real value and effectiveness to the strategy of any staffing business owner.
This knowledge and experience would also be on inestimable value to anyone looking to divest or invest into the Australian Staffing Industry. Rod Hore’s wisdom in particular has provided critical advice to WorkPac over the years.

Phil Smart Founder, WorkPac