eBook Business Valuations in the Recruitment Industry

HHMC has published an eBook “Business Valuations in the Recruitment Industry – A guide for Recruitment Agency Owners“.

The book defines the terminology of the selling process, introduces a model to explain different business characteristics, and offers current valuation metrics for the industry.  Importantly, there are suggestions for business owners to build wealth.

In this changing and increasingly global industry, small and medium recruitment agency owners need access to advice to understand the market and capitalise on successes. Be it a lifestyle, owner dominant or corporate agency, this book provides valuable insights to recruitment agency owners and managers.

John O’Sullivan of Elite Leaders writes:

I have been in the recruitment industry for 30+ years, during which time I’ve advised countless agency owners on how to create sustainable value in their businesses.
During that time, I’ve sold, bought, merged or floated dozens of them. However, the harsh reality is that only a tiny fraction of the thousands in the U.K. manage to crystallise and unlock that value, and create real personal wealth.
Those that have succeeded all followed a clear strategy, giving them a competitive edge, and enabling them to outperform the market in many ways.
Now Rod had written this book, and there it is, all under one title. Anyone who is serious about developing their recruitment company, beating the hordes, and becoming wealthy should read and absorb the messages contained within. Business life is too short to waste time following the well meant, but flawed advice that is all too readily available out there – read this book and act on it.
Well done Rod, I wish you’d written this 30 years ago…..

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The ebook can be accessed on our site here

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