HHMC Business Intentions Survey Report

HHMC undertakes a biannual survey of the Australia and New Zealand Recruitment Industry Business Intentions, allowing business owners and managers to compare their performance, strategy and business issues to others in the industry.

The free report of this survey is available for download from this page.

Commenced in 2017, this regular survey provides a trend of broad performance and strategy issues as well as highlights of specific topics of interest. In addition to the analysis provided by HHMC’s leaders, the report contains contributions from industry specialists.

If you would like to discuss the report or have additional questions, please contact HHMC.

Download the Latest Business Intentions Report

The Business Intentions report can be accessed from our site here

Access Past Business Intentions Reports

Survey 9 January 2022
Survey 8 July 2021
Survey 7 January 2021
Survey 6 July 2020
Survey 5 January 2020
Survey 4 July 2019
Survey 3 January 2019
Survey 2 July 2018
Survey 1 January 2018

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